Private Pilates studio classes are an ideal approach to attain physical goals through customising the workout in accordance to your individual needs.


Depending on your fitness level, age and state of health, the Pilates repertoire can be adjusted by your instructor to improve posture, recover from an injury, enhance athletic prowess or correct and ease stress and imbalances in your muscles.


Being in a private session makes it possible for you to use the full range of  Pilates equipment where appropriate to add challenge and fun to your Pilates routines.

During the early sessions an assessment will be conducted by your instructor to better customise the movements according to your body type and fitness level.


Thus, private personalised sessions are highly recommended particularly for those who are just starting or who may have the need for special health considerations.



After completing a few private lessons most studio clients join small group studio sessions. These classes are run with a maximum of 4 people per class and still remain personalised. That means each client completes exercises specific to their needs and remain supervised by the instructor.


These classes are a cost effective option whilst still receiving personalised attention.


It is important to undertake private lessons first before joining a group class so the instructor can complete an assessment and get you familiar with Pilates equipment.


These classes are suitable for all levels.