Our vision

To be an integral and effective contributor to improving the health & well being of our community.

Our mission

Striving for excellence through continuous improvement, Pure Pilates provides a welcoming, safe and non discriminating method of improving our clients' wellbeing through carefully supervised exercise and wholistic advice.

Why Pure Pilates is right for you

Pure Pilates has evolved with you, our client in mind.  Imagine an exercise program that you look forward to, that engages you, and leaves you refreshed and alert with a feeling of physical and mental wellbeing.


Pure Pilates is a cooperative of like minded qualified Pilates instructors whose goal is to support you in achieving your optimal potential.  Our instructors are continually expanding their knowledge and repertoire by attending workshops and Masterclasses presented by National and International experts.  Additionally, our team meets regularly for team training sessions which gives us an opportunity to share our knowledge with each other.


Pure Pilates studio is a welcoming space where private and group sessions are conducted.  Pure Pilates also offers mat classes, relaxation and meditation classes in Kingston, Tasmania.




I stumbled on Pilates in 1999 as a rehabilitation modality following back surgery. I was so impressed with the outcome that I wanted to share the benefits of the Pilates Method with others.

Having qualified with Pilates International and as a member of Pilates Alliance Australasia for the last twenty years, I am continually impressed with the positive outcomes my clients obtain. The pleasure of coaching clients to reach a new understanding of their bodies while reaching their optimal potential with their strength, flexibility and fitness is indeed a joy.


An additional area of focus is my qualification as Australia’s first  '3rd Age Woman’ instructor.  I conduct weekend workshops and 6 weekly courses assisting women to ‘power up’ from peri-menopause and beyond. These courses offer you the ability to be empowered not defeated by your chronology!  Please refer to our services tab for further information.



My Pilates experience started as a teenager when I was diagnosed with a scoliosis or curvature of the spine. I was training in ballet around 20 hours a week and Pilates helped me maintain a straighter spine by strengthening my core and creating a more balanced body. After starting Pilates, my ballet teachers noticed a great improvement in my technique and my doctor said my scoliosis had improved as well.When I graduated from high school I decided to train as a Pilates Instructor and so I completed a PITC Diploma in Pilates Instruction in 2008 and started teaching Pilates full time.Twelve months later I returned to my dance passion and started a BA (hons) in Dance Education. Over the next six years I studied, taught Pilates and taught ballet until graduating in 2015. During my time teaching Pilates I have worked with dancers, pre and post natal clients, special conditions and injury clients, athletes and more. I am also a full member of the Pilates Alliance Australasia and the Royal Academy of Dance plus an Associate to the Royal Academy of Dance.In late 2015 I moved to Hobart to be closer to family and to embark on a new exciting chapter of my life. I’m really looking forward to sharing my love of Pilates with everyone at Pure Pilates and to pass on the benefits that Pilates has given to me.



I am a born and bred Hobartian who has just returned to Tasmania after almost 12yrs on the mainland. I have 

always been interested in movement and health. I first started to realise my passion in 1979 when i began to 

teach aerobics in the glory days of the 80's, in order to help counteract the detriments of being a croupier at Wrest point Casino in its  glamorous early days. My workmates would be sleeping but I would be at the gym working out and teaching.

I was able to extend my love of Mind Body movement in the late 1990's when Pilates was a fledgling industry in the 

Health and Fitness world. Early 2000 I undertook my Studio / Clinical Pilates training and have never regretted a moment.

I have also been involved as  a teacher in group reformer classes but much prefer the hands on , individual approach. 

I have been continuously employed in this industry, along with other part time jobs. and now on I my return to Hobart , I am very happy to become a part of the Pure Pilates team.

I have always been passionate about movement, posture and correct technique which is all combined in Pilates teaching.


On a personal note I also l love walking, Yoga , Pilates( of course), gym work, cross-stitch, knitting, crochet and the 

highlight of returning to Tasmania ,my daughter and my 12mth old grandson



I was born in Queensland and moved to Hobart 11 years ago

Throughout my life I have had an interest in sport and physical activity. I started my love of movement from a young age pursuing dancing (ballet, tap, jazz and contemporary) swimming and running. I have an immense love for dancing but realised that this wasn’t the career path I wanted for my future so I decided to adapted my skills in dance and pursue other methods of movement.  I was drawn to Pilates as I felt it complemented this as it’s a form of full-body low impact exercise that helps with my strength, stability and movement.  I also love how versatile Pilates is as it can be done with or without equipment 

I am currently completing my Diploma of Contemporary Pilates and Teaching Methodology, with help from Pure Pilates.

I am excited to join The Pure Pilates team this year and bring my prior dance training and knowledge of movement into my classes.

My other interests are being outdoors and travelling.



I was born and spent the first 8 years of my life on the Forestier Peninsula and then the family moved to Hobart where I completed my schooling.

After leaving school I enjoyed many learning opportunities in a variety of Jobs from working in an Old Time Portrait Studio and Museum in Richmond, completing a waiting apprenticeship in Silver Service at Wrest Point Hotel Casino, to working in Aquaculture and then Customer Service and Office Admin work with Diabetes Tasmania.

Working within an organisation like Diabetes Tasmania, helped me to realize my desire to help people with their health and wellness. So in 2012 I attended the Island Health College in Hobart.  Here I attained my Certificate iv in massage, Diploma of Remedial massage and Diploma of Reflexology.  Since completing these qualifications I have worked in the health and wellness industry and continued studying, attending workshops and completing a number of courses, some of these being Facial Reflexology, Auriculotherapy, Dry needling, Hot stones in Reflexology, Energy workshops, Reiki Usui 1 & 2 and the latest course being on Scar Tissue Release.

My focus and passion is for my clients to attain health and wellness in mind, body and spirit


Hear What They’re Saying

I have really enjoyed Pilates at Pure Pilates for more than a year. The fun, friendly environment means that I am now more in control of my body, have reduced chronic back pain (about 90%), plus have motivated myself to lose weight and increase exercise. I feel like a new woman. I keep working on my goal of just being stronger for me. Thank you Pure Pilates.

Angela (age 47)

I have really enjoyed Pilates at Pure Pilates for more than a year. The fun, friendly environment means that I am now more in control of my body, have reduced chronic back pain (about 90%), plus have motivated myself to lose weight and increase exercise. I feel like a new woman. I keep working on my goal of just being stronger for me. Thank you Pure Pilates.

Angela (age 47)

Pure Pilates has been great for my body and mind, my time out place. Amazing, kind and caring instructors.

Roslyn (age 46)

Over the past 2 1/2 years, the Pilates program has helped me to develop strength and flexibility. I feel firmer and stronger in my core and my posture has improved. It has been great to have such excellent support from Laraine and staff on this road to a healthy me.

Merlene (age 57)

Although I've been physically fit most of my adult life I felt I needed more specific help when it came to improving my posture, strengthening my core and making my feet more flexible.
18 months later, the instructors at Pure Pilates have and continue to do exactly that.

Joyce (age 58)

I'm 64 and started Pilates weekly studio classes 4 years ago, recommended for low back pain. Since then I've grown in general strength, balance and a much improved understanding of how my body works and how to help it age without injury...oh, and I now do two 1 hour studio sessions per week. For me that's been much more cost effective than a doctor's visit.

Helen (age 64)

I’d been meaning to try Pilates for some time and heard from a friend about Pure Pilates, so I tried it. 
It was a great decision! 
The hour is filled with variety, is designed to suit my body needs, is enjoyable and I can feel the benefits of the controlled, steady, strengthening moves.  
It compliments other exercise I do as walking, riding my bike and gentle exercises at the gym. 
I can really recommend it! Thank you Pure Pilates team

Gail (age 64)

I decided to try Pilates as a gentler form of exercise to balance my body and mind and to remedy a few body niggles....I absolutely love Pure Pilates the studio has a great atmosphere (and the Power Plate is a real treat!)
My instructor is very knowledgeable and helpful and tailors my sessions very well to suit my needs.
The mat classes are also fun and easy to learn the exercises!

Lisa (Age 29)