Here at Pure Pilates we can offer you the benefits of the Power Plate.


Power Plate routines are based on the concept of vibrational training. Using a Power Plate, vibrations are efficiently transferred right through your body, stimulating your muscles and increasing your circulation during the time that you are performing specifically supervised exercises.


Stretches designed for use in conjunction with the Power Plate will release tension in your lower back, improve your mobility, reduce any stiffness as well as re-energising both your body and your mind.


Not only can the Power Plate prove extremely beneficial for people involved in Pilates exercise regimes, but the equipment has also become an integral part of sports medicine for many of the world's top athletes, tennis and golf stars.

The Power Plate machine is based upon Acceleration Training, where force is produced as a result of acceleration on your body. This means that the machine is able to produce a significant force upon parts of your body without any need for weights.

However, weights and other small apparatus can often be effectively incorporated for more advanced workouts.

The frequency of the vibrating plate can easily be adjusted. This means that the resulting way in which your body reacts can be altered from a gentle massage-like exercise to stimulate circulation through to levels that are ideal for core, strength and balance training.

Because the plate's vibrations are transmitted throughout your body at many repetitions per second, your muscle responses are rapidly tightened and relaxed by small amounts during this time. As a result, your muscles can go through nearly 1000 repetitions during a 30 second exposure to the plate which is vibrating a around 30 hertz.

To get the most benefit from exercises using the machine, you need the help of an instructor with an expert knowledge of the equipment as well as an understanding of your own individual needs.

This is why Pure Pilates instructors are the people you need to help you with including exercises and stretches using the Power Plate as a part of your Pilates exercise regime.

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